NEW FURmatalogy™ Remedies™ for Your Precious Pets

We worked with great care to create a wonderful line of Remedies to help bring relief to your precious, furry friends. Read more about these great remedies below.

FURmatology™ Tear Stain Remover

FURmatology Tear Stain Remover

Lavender & Lemongrass TEAR STAIN REMOVER cleans stains, prevents future stains & infections, aromatherpeutic.




Furmatology Remedies™ Tear Stain Remover uses natural oils & extracts to safely remove and prevent topical stains on your pet’s fur around the eyes. Natural surfactants and antimicrobials cleanse stained areas, helps prevent infection and have aromatherapeutic effects. Effective results are sure to enhance & brighten your pet’s eyes. 

FURmatology™ Natural HAIRBALL RELIEF


Natural HAIRBALL RELIEF™ Catnip Flavored Treat GEL Contains natural oils to reduce hairballs. 100% safe & healthy for all cats. Have a Hairball Dilemma? Don’t let hairballs interfere with your cat’s normal digestion and elimination. Promote a healthy, active lifestyle for your feline friends. Use FURmatology Remedies™ Hairball Relief™ for cats & kittens to naturally aid hairballs to pass safely through the gastrointestinal tract and help prevent future hairballs. Safe for cats of all ages.

FURmatology™ OTIC-CLENZ Natural Ear Rinse

FURmatology OTIC-CLENZ Natural Ear Rinse

OTIC-CLENZ™ Natural Ear Rinse Loosens debris build up, eliminates odors, soothes irritation, relieves itching, prevents infections




Optimize the function of your dog’s delicate & sensitive ears by providing a well rounded cleaning routine. Furmatology Remedies™ Otic-Clenz™ uses natural oils & extracts to safely remove debris and eliminate odors in your pet’s ears to help prevent infections. Its’ specialized blend & soothing action maintains a healthy moisturized inner ear environment.

Furmatology™ Herbal RESCUE RELIEF Calming Serum

Furmatology Herbal RESCUE RELIEF Calming Serum

Herbal RESCUE RELIEF™ Calming Serum for Anxious Pets •HOMEOPATHIC •ANXIETY •FEARS •TRAVELING •STORMS Rescue your furry friend from the roller coaster of emotions due to the stress of k-9 life they may be feeling. FURmatology Remedies™ Rescue Relief™ is a homeopathic recipe to help safely destress & calm your pet in many situations. Use for separation anxiety, storms, fireworks, loud noises, crowds, crate training, traveling, competitions, adoptions, bath time, grooming, clinic or kennel visits and excessive barking.

FURmatology™ Osteo Relief Hip and Joint

FURmatology Osteo Relief Hip and Joint
Osteo Relief HIP & JOINT DISCOMFORT Bacon & Cheese Flavored Food Additive & Treat GEL Promotes Healthy Joint Function. Reduces Pain & Inflammation. Improves Mobility & Flexibilty. Prevents further degeneration of joints. Osteo Relief™ Treat Gel is specifically designed to REVERSE the effects of joint damage. Its’ nourishing effects improves your dogs FLEXIBILITY & MOBILITY for an active lifestyle. This natural supplement contains natural extracts for extra strength pain relief for dogs already suffering from hip or joint pain. It not only restores your dogs natural ability to heal and grow new cartilage, it boosts their whole immune system to inhibit tumor cell DNA replication, regress tumors and prevent cancer cells!


Click the product images right now to start your pets on a path to a better life. Click Here for all our FURmatology Remedies. Your pets will thank you in their own special way.


Batthroom and Urinal Deodorizing

ULTRA SOLID AIR Refills Replace and Outperform Pearl Gels

NEW ULTRA SOLID AIR Refills: The NEW & Improved Pearl Gel Replacement

SOLID AIR will be replacing our Pearl Gels, and giving you 25-35% more fragrance. That’s more fragrance than our Pearls and other competing gel products currently on the market.

SOLID AIR will freshen any space for a full 30 days. Use it in restrooms, lobbies, conference rooms, or anywhere needing a boost of fragrance.


•Environmentally safe

•No breaking or spilling.

•100% Recyclable.

ULTRA SOLID AIR Fits a wide variety of dispensers and fan cabinets such as Big D®, Contico®, Hospeco®, GA Pacific®, F-Matic®, Fresh®, Rubbermaid TC® & Time Mist®.


Apple Spice
ULTRA SOLID AIR Apple Spice Deodorizing RefillUSA-AS
CherryULTRA SOLID AIR Cherry Deodorizing RefillUSA-C
Cucumber MelonULTRA SOLID AIR Cucumber Melon Deodorizing RefillUSA-CM TangerineULTRA SOLID AIR Tangerine Deodorizing RefillUSA-TG
Red Clover TeaULTRA SOLID AIR Red Clover Tea Deodorizing RefillUSA-RC Tango MangoULTRA SOLID AIR Tango Mango Deodorizing RefillUSA-TG

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SOLID AIR is a great addition to our  Single Scent Solution              Nilodor's Single Scent Solution


Case Study: Today’s Grocery Store = Naturally Fresh Food, Naturally Fresh Air

Today’s Grocery Store = Naturally Fresh Food, Naturally Fresh Air 

Today’s successful grocery stores emphasize freshness – from organic, locally sourced products to environmentally preferred facility maintenance. Nllodor’s Single Scent Solution provides eco-friendly odor control results.

From floor to ceiling, from food to flowers, the trend in today’s successful grocery stores is a naturally appealing approach to freshness. For a grocery chain in the mid-Atlantic area, this approach is implemented by stocking thousands of organic products, locally sourced produce, caught-daily seafood, and freshly baked bread. The emphasis on freshness doesn’t end with its food inventory. The highly trained maintenance team is vital in keeping the stores refreshingly clean, bright, and inviting. That includes the restrooms, which are so appealing customers have been known to specifically rave about the cleanliness and elegance. What is rarely discussed, but certainly crucial in providing an inviting environment, is the fresh, clean scent in the restrooms. How do they achieve it? By intelligently integrating an odor control program with cleaning products that are not only effective, but eco-friendly and fragrance coordinated.


End of the Mixed Fruit Salad

Years ago, the grocery store chain maintenance team relied on a mixture of cleaning and odor control products without thinking about the different fragrances they were mixing. There was a cherry block in the urinal, a lemon cleaner for floors, and a metered aerosol shooting out a spice scent periodically. Mixed fruit is fine in the produce aisle, but not the ideal for restrooms. Not wanting to give up the basics of the existing restroom maintenance program, the company found NILodor’s Single Scent Solution easily solved the scattered scent problem without disrupting its basic program.

Seamless Integration with Existing Program
The NILodor Single Scent Solution is a package of cleaning and odor counteractant products with the same scent for fragrance consistency. Customers can choose from products with nine different scents: Original Scent, Red Clover Tea, Spring Mint, Lemon, Apple Spice, Cucumber-Melon, Soft Linen, Tango Mango, and Lavender.

NILodor’s suggested approach enabled the maintenance staff to keep products they were happy with while adding NILodor’s odor control elements for a single-scent restroom outcome. NILodor provided additional implemen­tation assistance by creating instruction sheets and had sales reps join the local distributor in conducting training sessions for each store.

Environmental Transition

This odor control program performed flawlessly for some time, but as environmental innovations evolved, the question was soon raised about new technologies for a more environmentally responsible program. Once the grocery chain learned there were more eco-friendly options to its existing program, a successful pilot program was quickly completed followed by a fast roll­out to all the locations. The improved program utilizes NILodor’s BioBREAK Multi-Purpose Digester, the first and only Green Seal certified (GS-53) bio-enzyme in the industry. Sprayed around urinals and commodes, BioBREAK uses select strains of natural bacteria, enzymes and NILodor’s proprietary odor counteractant to continually break-down and digest organic waste particles, thus removing the source of restroom malodors. Also available to the maintenance crew is Nilium Odor Neutralizer, a water­ soluble odor counteractant which can be added to the store’s favorite all-purpose cleaner for immediate odor elimination. It can also be added to disinfectants, insecticides, carpet shampoo, or any water soluble cleaning solution.

NILodor’s ULTRA Air passive air system with solid odor control refills replaced the metered aerosol system, The 30-day solid odor counteractants do not contain ozone-depleting ingredients, are voe friendly, do not use batteries, and are easily recyclable in any plastic recycle bin. They also fit into most other competitor cabinets. Urinal screens and blocks were replaced with NILodor’s thin, flexible ULTRA Air Deodorizing Screens which are recyclable, biodegradable, and contain 15 times more fragrance than traditional screens. These screens release billions of odor-eating bacteria to continually eliminate odors. Recyclable ULTRA Air Hangers periodically provide extra odor counteractant power when needed. The success of the environmental transition in the restrooms led to incorporating the NILodor odor control and cleaning technology in other areas of the stores, including the bottle return room and its dumpster compactor area. The next time you step into a grocery store known for its natural foods and fresh values, consider the other aspects of facility maintenance which provide an inviting environment, including how the company addresses its eco-friendly odor control. Then ask if they rely on NILodor.




(Single-Scent Solution)

Products with coordinated fragrance across all steps of cleaning & odor control. Below are the current available fragrance systems.




Products Used in Case Study

Nilium Water Soluble Deodorizer

Nilium Water Soluble Deodorizer

BioBREAK Odor Eliminator

BioBREAK Odor Eliminator

ULTRA Air Room Freshener Cabinet
ULTRA Air Room Freshener Cabinet
ULTRA Air Deodorizing Urinal Screen

ULTRA Air Deodorizing Urinal Screen


‘Tis the Season for Mud

Muddy Puppy

‘Tis the season for mud! We are almost at the end of Winter, and in areas where there has been snow, the beautiful white landscape will soon turn to brown. It doesn’t matter the age of the dog, they seem to have a knack at finding mud. Spring should be called the season for baths, because your furry friend is going to need a lot of them. Our Get Gorgeous line has everything you need to get out that tough mud and those stubborn tangles.


Click the link right now to help your furry friend get from muddy, back to Gorgeous, with our Get Gorgeous line of grooming products.  http://www.nilodor.com/onlinecatalog/Get_Gorgeous-list.aspx


SALT Destroys Ice. Don’t Let it Destroy Your Matting and Floors.

Protect Your Matting and Floors From Harmful Salt Residue.

Now is the season for snow and slush. With that, comes unwanted salt residue. Here is the solution.

 Encapsulating EncapPLUS Oxy-Force

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While salt works great to protect you and your customers from falling outside your business, it also creates problems as it’s tracked inside.

EncapPLUS, powered by OXY-Force® and advanced encapsulating technology, will break down and eliminate the salt residue on your walk-off mats and carpeting. EncapPLUS can be used as an extractor, low moisture bonnet & shampoo, cleaner boosting agent, or as a carpet spotter. EncapPLUS is perfect for walk-off mats, lobbies, and high traffic areas. Protect your investment.

Call 1.800.443.4321 to order today and receive 10% OFF EncapPLUS. Use coupon code NOSALT if ordering on our website.  

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Kitchen Tile Floor

Finally An Environmentally Friendly Way to Revitalize Tile and Grout

Tile & Grout HD Cleaner & Revitalizer

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Grout HD penetrates and quickly removes ground in grime from tile, grout lines, and natural stone, leaving behind a bright and revitalized surface. Grout HD utilizes cutting edge technology to provide a product free of harsh chemicals like strong acids and caustic soda, allowing it to be safe on skin and the environment.

Effective on •Dirt •Grease •Wax •Mildew •Soap Scum

Kitchen Tile Floor


Dilutes with water. Apply with a mop or sprayer. Let stand for 10 minutes and agitate with a brush. Rinse with clean water.

MEDIUM SOIL: Add 8-10 fl. oz. (237-296 mL) of Grout HD to 1 gallon (3.785 L) of water.

HEAVY SOIL: Add 16 fl. oz. (473 mL) of Grout HD to 1 gallon (3.785 L) of water.

SHOCK TREATMENT: Add 32 fl. oz. (946 mL) of Grout HD to 1 gallon (3.785 L) of water.


Grout HD Cleaner & Revitalizer:

An inhibited hydrochloric acid works synergistically with degreasing surfactants to lift and remove ground in soils. Grout HD contains a pair of heavy duty degreasing surfactants that work together with an inhibited hydrochloric acid to rejuvenate tile to its original appearance. The two surfactants work together to provide fast penetration and removal of heavy oil, grease, wax and particulate soils from grout.

•Also effective on glass, concrete, marble, and other hard surfaces.

•Can use at a lower dilution than common hard surface cleaners

•Safe and User Friendly


Test results from Grout HD Cleaner & Revitalizer

A – Grout before Grout HD treatment

B- 5 minute dwell time with Grout HD after agitation

C- 10 minute dwell time with Grout HD after agitation

D- 15 minute dwell time with Grout HD after agitation


Gallons – 128 GCB / 4 per case Diluted pH – 1 – 1.5


Watch the brand new video below :

Finally get rid of that embarrassing, dirty looking grout by clicking the link below right now and ordering Grout HD.
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Utilizes the Synergistic power of several cleaning agents to dissolve and prevent the re disposition of soils.

Utilize the Power of Several Cleaning Agents to Remove and Help Prevent Dirt, Food, Soda, Grease and Grass Stains in Carpet

NDC Non Detergent Cleaner

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NDC is a DETERGENT FREE cleaner that does not leave behind soapy, sticky, soil attracting residue. NDC formula utilizes the synergistic power of several cleaning agents to dissolve and prevent the re disposition of soils. Ground in spills and stains are broken down into small particles that are repelled by carpet and upholstery which allows them to be easily rinsed away. NDC can be used with all low moisture equipment, extractors, and bonnet systems.

Benefits of using NDC Non Detergent Cleaner:
•Colors look brighter
•Carpet feels softer
•Carpets stay cleaner longer
•No skin irritating residue

 Utilizes the Synergistic power of several cleaning agents to dissolve and prevent the re disposition of soils.

Shake well before using. Test fabric in inconspicuous place for color fastness before using.

EXTRACTION: Add 3-4 fl. oz. (90-120 mL) of NDC to 1 gallon (3.785 L) of hot water.

SHAMPOO/BONNET: Add 12 fl. oz. (355 mL) of NDC to 1 gallon. (3.785 L) of hot water.

PRE-SPRAY: Add 12 fl. oz. (355 mL) of NDC to 1 gallon (3.785 L) of hot water. Spray carpet and agitate. Rinse with cold water.

SPOTTER: Add 12 fl. oz. (355 mL) of NDC to 1 gallon (3.785 L) of hot water. Spray lightly, rub with a soft brush and wipe. NDC will remove dirt, food, soda, grease and grass stains.

Gallons – 128 NDC / 4 per case Diluted pH – 7 – 7.5


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