There are many types of smells and different intensities of odors.  Neutralizing the source of the odor is the best way to get rid of the odor. Below are some familiar types of odors and our suggestion for removing them.


Removing Odors from Carpet:

When you have odor in carpet, removing the odor is more difficult than a hard surface, especially if the odor is biological (Cat Urine, Dog Urine, Vomit, Dog Poop, Food etc.). Here is our instructional video on how to remove biological odor from carpeting. Our bacteria/enzyme digesting products (Found on our Stain and Odor Removers Page) eat the biological matter, which causes the odor. Our instructional video is only a minute long, but here is a quick summary for those who want to get to the point. (Note: For heavier matter (ex. Dog Poop, Vomit), remove as much of the matter as possible with a paper towel or plastic bag before diluting the rest of the mess with water.) This is a good way to get rid of dog poop and to get rid of the smell of dog poop.

For Fresh Urine etc

  1. Remove as much of the concentrated pet urine/matter as possible by using paper towels or a highly absorbent cotton towel.
  2. Pour 4-6 ounces of fresh, warm WATER on the accident area. Extract or absorb this water from the carpeting. DO THIS STEP 2-3 MORE TIMES.  Remember, we are trying to dilute and remove as much of the urine as possible before we start feeding our bacteria. The more urine we are able to remove through dilution and extraction, the better chance our bacteria will have in digesting the remaining urine residue.
  3. Apply your bacteria product to the area. Make sure you use enough product to wet the entire area.
  4. Allow bacteria to sit for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Extract or absorb as much of the bacteria product as possible…and allow to air dry.  Helpful Hint: Cover area with a clean, dry towel and place a weight on top of the towel.  The liquid will wick into the towel as it dries, instead of stopping at the top of your carpet fibers.
  6. Once dried, vacuum and inspect treated area. Odor should be gone. If not, repeat procedure.

NOTE: For older urine stains and odors, follow steps 2-6.

The above procedure is also effective for removing vomit 

Some people will tell you that baking soda is the best way to deodorize carpeting. Baking soda will remove odor from carpeting, but comes at a cost. Baking soda is an abrasive that hurts the carpet fibers and after repeated use, will ruin the appearance of the carpet fibers. Nilofresh Powdered Rug & Room Deodorizer contains no harsh abrasives. Here is the official product description. “The special deodorizing formula in Nilofresh Rug and Room Deodorizer has been developed to neutralize odors in carpeting long after vacuuming. Does not contain abrasives such as baking soda. Sprinkle lightly over carpet and vacuum to freshen an entire room.”

We do carry other products for removing pet stains and odors from carpet, but we will mention only one more here. Foaming Pet Stain & Odor Remover “Spray on this exclusive, thick-foam formula to lift pet odors and stains from carpeting and upholstery. It breaks down and removes soil while neutralizing malodors, leaving a fresh, clean scent. Great for use in automobiles.”


Removing Odor from Garbage Cans/Litter Boxes:

Deodorizing Cat Litter Image

As a company that specializes in odor neutralization, Nilodor has multiple ways to attack different types of odors. Nilodor’s Tap-A-Drop air freshener is a great multipurpose deodorizer that only requires a little drop of liquid to deodorize a larger area. The product description is as follows:

“The original super concentrated one-drop odor counteractant effectively eliminates all malodors, while leaving a pleasant low-level fragrance. Just one drop in a thousand cubic feet will continue to deodorize for up to 24 hours. Used by hospitals, hotels, veterinarian clinics, homes, restaurants, etc. Tap-A-Drop can be used almost anywhere: Litter boxes, pet bedding, pet cages, vet clinics, bathrooms, garbage cans, garbage disposals, automobiles, etc.” As with any product, read the directions before use.

Another way to deodorize a garbage can is to use our Nilolitter Cat Litter Deodorizing Additive. The same power that deodorizes the waste in litter boxes can also be used in garbage cans. Just sprinkle some Nilolitter into the garbage can and it will take care of the rest.


Removing Odors from Fabrics:

Natural Touch Fabric Refresher contains a patented odor elimination agent that eliminates problem odors due to pets, mustiness, urine, smoke, etc. Safe to use around children and household pets. Fabric Refresher can be used on any water-safe fabric in homes, autos, institutions, etc., such as linens, curtains, pet bedding, clothes, car cloth interiors, and more.

Deodorizing Cleaner Concentrate can be added to your laundry to help get rid of smells that your detergent might miss.


How to Remove Cigarette/Smoke Odor:

Nilosmoke Tobacco & Smoke Odor Eliminator Nilosmoke™ contains a fast-acting odor eliminator which quickly neutralizes odors caused by cigarette, cigar, food, pets and body odors in the air. NiloSmoke™ also contains a fresh, light fabric scent to help restore freshness in any room.

How to Remove Skunk Odor:

Nilodor’s Deodorizing Pet Shampoo‘s formula provides a rich, lathering, deodorizing and cleaning action. Nilodor Deodorizing Pet Shampoo for dogs and cats cleans thoroughly and is easy to rinse, leaving the pet’s coat with a natural healthy sheen and a pleasant refreshing fragrance. It can be used on dogs or cats and effectively removes skunk odors. If possible, wear gloves, and rinse your dog thoroughly. Apply the shampoo and let it work into the fur to the skin. Do not pour directly in your pet’s eyes. Once the product is lathered and worked into the fur, let it sit and do its magic for about 5-10 minutes. Rinse your dog/cat thoroughly. If there is still some smell, repeat the process.

Add Deodorizing Cleaner Concentrate to your laundry to help remove skunk odors from clothing. As with all products, read and follow the directions.


How to get rid of Ferret Odor and Small Animal Cage Odor:

Removing Ferret Odor Image

Stinky Ferret

Nilodor’s Deodorizing Ferret Shampoo is formulated to eliminate the natural odor emitted from the ferret’s system, leaving the ferret’s coat with a natural healthy sheen and a pleasant fragrance.

I also have used our Between Bath Spritz to give my ferret, Sarita, a quick spray to make her smell better. You can also try Structured by Nature: Dander-Down Pet Spritz.

Small Animal Deodorizing Cage Cleaner cleans and deodorizes cages and carriers with Nilodor’s enzyme formulated odor neutralizer. It is great for small animal cages such as ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, etc. Clean out the bedding from the cage. Try to remove as much of the waste as possible and then spray the cleaner in the cage. Give it time to sit. The bacteria/enzyme product will begin to eat the biological waste that is causing the smell. Rinse out the cage.


Deodorizing the Air in Your Home:

Nilodor provides so many ways to deodorize and neutralize odors in the air throughout the home. Here is a link to our room deodorizers.


These are just some suggestions for removing certain types of odors. If you would like to ask how to remove another type of odor, feel free to post a comment.

Many commercial versions of the above products can be found HERE.


8 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of a Smell

  1. Hey guys – I went to go buy your Nilosmoke but the shipping is more than the product itself! Have you ever considered sending via snail mail (i.e. USPS) for those of us not in a rush? Just a thought…


    • That is a really good idea, but we are not allowed to ship Aerosols via USPS. I am so sorry. Thank you for the suggestion though. Rising gas prices always affect shipping. We really need a teleporter!


    • Nilodor (Tap-A-Drop & Nilium) will help remove the fishy odors, but by using these products it may leave a permeant Nilodor fragrance in the refrigerator’s plastic, that might affect the taste of any opened food. Best product to use in this application would be OXY FORCE. Let us know if you have any other questions.


  2. Periodically vintage XJ6 will overflow the right gas tank when using the left tank, a problem that many owners complain about, a natural behavior mitigated easily by remembering to run on the right tank first after a fill. The smell persists in the car for a month afterwards, what product is best for managing this odor?


    • Since source removal is not a possibility in this scenario, the best option would be an RTU deodorizer to use in the vehicle until the “fumes/odors” dissipate. Of course, fresh air exchange will speed up the natural deodorization process…so keep the windows down as much as possible during this time.

      Here is a product sheet that references a few RTU products that could be used inside the vehicle. Typically, the Tap-A-Drop on a cotton ball or in the ashtray, or the Nilaroma Vac Disc / OdorBlocks under the seat would be used to help deodorize the interior until the problem is resolved.

      Thanks for your time and consideration. Please feel free to respond with any further questions or requests.


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