A lot of laundry detergents contain pleasant scents but lack an effective deodorizer. One way to truly get your laundry smelling fresh is to add a small amount of Deodorizing Cleaner Concentrate to the wash. This same product can also be used to clean and deodorize the rest of the laundry room. Just use as little as 1/2 oz. to 2oz. per gallon of water to clean and deodorize floors, walls, etc. All you need to do is spray, mop, or wipe to clean all washable surfaces.

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Customer Review


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“Nilodor” / “Natural Touch”
on 19/08/2013 by Donna9331
When I first purchased this product well over 20 years ago, we had 12 indoor only cats. People were amazed when they walked in the door and said “but it doesn’t smell like you have ANY cats!” That’s becaused Nilodor (now called “Natural Touch I think?) was my general household cleaner. Floors, walls, spots/accidentson the carpet…I even used it in the carpet cleaner. I continue to use the product today, both in spray bottle, washing floors, my Little Green Clean Machine for small cleanups and my big carpet cleaner. Simply put, IT’S THE BEST. 🙂 Sincerely, Donna Coffey


You can also call 1.800.443.4321 or visit us at http://www.nilodor.com for other great products.


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