Nilodor Ultra Grooming Pet Shampoos

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Want a treat? No need to go to your paw spa. Our ULTRA Grooming collection will target all your fur needs. Take a dip and mutt strut in front of your envious furry friends.

Deep Clean (Pearberry)

bury those dead skin cells and dirt. come clean by diggin’ deep into this refreshing shampoo fused with Pearberry. its natural exfoliating activity will leave your fur renewed and refreshed.

#05367- 16 oz. Deep Clean Shampoo -12/cs.

FRESH (Cucumber Melon)

stinky dog! get out of the dog house with my invigorating formula sure to freshen up your coat. after this bath, you may be able to spend some quality time on the couch without being yelled at!

#05353- 16 oz. Fresh Shampoo -12/cs

OATMEAL (Oatmeal & Shea Butter)

your owner can’t scratch every itch, but this formula can. soak your fur into an oatmeal treatment for nourishing skin comfort.

#05373- 16 oz. OATMEAL Shampoo -12/cs.

(WHITE COAT Coconut & Cream)

roll out the red carpet and strut your new soft bright coat. your newly washed coat will be brighter than the paparazzi camera flashes. it’s all about the glitz and glamour. enjoy a relaxing fragrance of coconut and tropical island breezes.

#05375- 16 oz. WHITE COAT Shampoo -12/cs.

2in1 (Lavender & Chamomile)

give your fur a drink with this high moisturizing shampoo. you can never get too much of a good thing. so start howlin’ in a lush hydration bath that is fused with moisturizers, Lavender & Chamomile. let your fur soak up this much-needed moisture.

# 05377- 16 oz. 2 in 1 Shampoo -12/cs.

PUPPY (Baby Soft & Fresh)

love the puppy breath and lol (lots of licks), but baby you’ve been up to no good. try my soft gentle suds to freshen up your fur. my light, clean baby wipe fragrance will distract your new owner from that shoe you just chewed up! # 05376- 16 oz. PUPPY Shampoo -12cs.


hey, sweet thing! what a well mannered K-9. gorgeous on the inside and now on the outside with the help of my sweet floral infusion of soft petals, ripened raspberries, and cool pear.

# 05374- 16 oz. DEODORIZING Shampoo -12cs.

HERBAL (Sweet Ginger Tea)

love your fur. keep it radiant. take a dip in an herbal spa shampoo. it will leave your fur smooth and softly scented. your owners will not be able to stop petting you!

# 05369- 16 oz. HERBAL Shampoo -12cs



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