Our focused mission is to manufacture the finest odor control and carpet care products available, to market these products by creating and maintaining partnerships with our distributors, and to provide our distributors with programs to meet and exceed the needs of their valued customers in every market they serve.


Nilodor will provide a quality product to meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations while ensuring continuous improvement of our products, processes and people.


As a leader in odor control and carpet care products, Nilodor has taken an active role in developing and manufacturing environmentally responsible cleaning products. Our initiative is to seek and promote innovative chemical products, technologies, and practices that benefit human health and the environment.

Nilodor also offers our Green Seal approved Oxyforce Concentrate.

Nilodor, Inc. is a supporter of the EPA’s Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative. We are currently working on eliminating the presence of octylphenol surfactants from our standard product line and replacing them with an alcohol alkoxylate chemistry that is more biodegradable and non-toxic. We will continue this initiative until all products are converted.

Nilodor, Inc. will continue to do its part to insure a safe and healthy environment for our generation and those to follow.


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    • The vapours are not toxic. If you have an extraction machine, just use plain water, and extract it from the mattress. Extraction with a wet dry vac would work as well. The Nilodor smell will eventually wear off on its own. Ventilating the room will help.Let us know if you have any other questions.


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