Nilodor Odor Control and Carpet Care Mobile Apps

 Our NEW Nilodor Apps are informative and useful tools focusing on odor control and carpet care. The APPs contain information and training materials on restroom cleaning/deodorizing procedures, F.A.Q.’s, carpet spotters, dumpster cleaning, graffiti removal, and Market-Specific solutions/product recommendations. There are also built in cost calculators to show you just how much you can save by switching to encapsulating products. The apps also contain tips on carpet maintenance & how to reference guides for bonnet cleaning, extraction cleaning, rotary shampooing, and low moisture cleaning. More content is being added all the time.
The Nilodor Apps are available for Tablets and Phones in the Google Play Store. You can also get the universal version for iOS in the Apple App Store
Below are some screenshots. (OLD VERSION) Find the latest screenshots on the app stores and on our website.

A Dual Action All-Purpose Cleaner

Nilosol™ All-Purpose Deodorizing Cleaner:

Nilosol Image

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Nilosol is an all-purpose, industrial-strength cleaner which may be used in warm or cold, hard or soft water to clean and deodorize floors, walls, stainless steel, tile, porcelain, fiberglass, enamel, formica and all other water washable surfaces. Nilosol is available in two pleasing fragrances – Original and Citrus.


  • Automobiles: To clean the  interior of a car, van, or truck, dilute Nilosol to 1 oz. – gal.  Use diluted Nilosol to clean and deodorize water-washable surfaces.
  • General Clean-Up: For maintenance cleaning and odor control, dilute Nilosol 1/2-1 oz. – gal. Nilosol is an excellent all-purpose cleaner and odor neutralizer.
  • Fire: To neutralize smoke odors, dilute Nilosol to 1-2 oz. – gal. Use on any water-safe surface where smoke residue and odors might linger.
  • Floor Care: To clean soil and get rid of odors, dilute Nilosol to 1/2-1 oz. – gal. Dilute in mop water to clean floors and deodorize a room.
Gymnasium Image


  • Kitchen: To clean and deodorize appliances, countertops and fixtures, dilute Nilosol to 1/2-1 oz.  – gal. To clean up appliances and surfaces quickly and thoroughly, use a spray bottle to dispense dilution. Use in mop water to clean and deodorize.
  • Pet: To clean and deodorize kennels, pens, and sleeping areas dilute Nilosol to 1-2 oz. – gal. Pour Nilosol dilution on areas where pet odor prevails, rinse down. Great as laundry additive (1 teaspoon/load).
  • Public Transport: To neutralize sickness odor and for general clean-up, dilute Nilosol to 1 oz. – gal. Wash all water-safe surfaces with product dilution. Nilosol is great for ambulatory clean-up!
  • Restrooms: To clean fixtures, toilet bowls, and to remove urine odors, dilute Nilosol to 1 oz. – gal. Use Nilosol dilution in mop water or in a spray bottle for fixtures, toilet bowls, etc. Nilosol works well on urine odors.
Urinals and Tile Floor Image

Urinals and Tile Floor

  • Sickrooms: For odors and clean-up in sickrooms, dilute Nilosol to 1 oz. – gal. Nilosol thoroughly cleans and deodorizes!
Hospital Desk Image

Hospital Desk


You can also buy Nilosol All-Purpose Deodorizing Cleaner through a distributor Here. Site Map

At the original writing of this post, we had created a simple Nilodor sitemap so that people who visited our website could find things easier, but the sitemap became completely null and void once we created our new website. Our New website is organized with the end user in mind! Everything is easy to find. Our website now has enhanced search functions and easy-to-navigate categories.

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Where to Buy Nilodor Products

Where do I buy Nilodor Pet & Home products?Where do I buy Nilodor Commercial & Janitorial products? Where do I buy Nilodor Environmentally Friendly products? Where do I buy Nilodor Portable Sanitation products?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, then here is your answer. You can always buy from or by calling 1-800-443-4321. If you do not want to buy online or over the phone, you can also search for a distributor on our Website. Nilodor Distributors  Sorry, but we currently do not ship internationally to individuals.

We get a lot of inquiries about where to buy Nilodor in Canada. You may contact us directly at to find a distributor near you.

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Instantly Absorb and Deodorize Liquid Spills and Accidents

Nilogel™ Professional Deodorizing Liquid Absorbent

Nilogel Deodorizing Liquid Spill Absorbent:

Nilogel Liquid Absorbent Image

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Nilogel™ quickly absorbs and deodorizes all water-based spills. This product contains the Original Super N Concentrate which enables it to destroy even the toughest odors. It is the most effective odor control absorbent available. Nilogel™ will instantly absorb over 100 times its own weight, which means that in seconds, one 8 oz. can is able to convert up to 7 gallons of liquid into an odor-free, easy to-clean semi-solid.  Nilogel™ is non-toxic and biodegradable, making it user and environmentally friendly.

• Tile     • Concrete      • Wood     • Marble     • Linoleum     • Terrazzo     • Carpeting (Non-Chlorinated Nilogel only)

Nilosorb will help clean up spills in sickrooms.

Hospital Room

Daycare image


To deodorize and congeal liquid spills, vomit, urine, and other accidents, sprinkle Nilogel powder over the problem area. In just seconds the spill becomes a manageable semi-solid that’s easily swept away or scooped up for disposal.


1. To remove sickness accidents and messy spills in automobiles, sprinkle Nilogel to absorb and congeal the mess. Nilogel will remove the odor and the mess.

2. To remove messes in airplanes and boats caused by spills or motion sickness, sprinkle Nilogel on the vomit or messy spill. Nilogel will make cleanup quick and will remove any odor. Nilogel is great for cruise ships!

3. To remove public transport sickness accidents and odor, sprinkle Nilogel on accident for containment. Nilogel eliminates the odor, thereby avoiding additional sickness.

4. To remove vomit, sickness, spills, and accidents, sprinkle Nilogel on the source to absorb the mess while deodorizing it.

5. To remove sickness accidents in amusement parks, save time on clean-up by sprinkling Nilogel directly on the accident. This will deodorize and absorb the mess preventing more sickness associated with the guests smelling or seeing the vomit.

6. To remove vomit or urine spills in nursing homes and hospitals, sprinkle Nilogel for quick removal.

7. Nilogel is great for daycare centers. Nilogel assists in the quick removal and deodorization of messes.

Nilogel™ can also be purchased through a Nilodor Distributor or by calling 1.800.443.4321


Protecting Yourself and Family During the Cold and Flu Season

We no longer carry Pure Hard Surface Disinfectant, but you can buy our hand sanitizer and dispenser here.

Some of these suggestions might seem like common sense, but are here to help!

1. Wash/Sanitize your hands thoroughly whenever you use the restroom, before/after you eat, and throughout the day. This not only helps protect you from other people’s germs, but also protects them from yours! Do not use bar soap if possible. Only antimicrobial or antibacterial soap kills germs.  Regular soap does not. Try not to use automatic hand dryers in public restrooms. They are a breeding ground for germs!

2. Carry hand sanitizer with you. There are so many products out there that sanitize your hands and can be carried with you wherever you go. Some hand sanitizers can leave your hands dry, so try to buy one that does not contain alcohol.

3. Do not use someone else’s cellphone. Cellphones are the perfect place for germs to grow and hardly anybody cleans their cellphone on a regular bases. Think about it. Have you heard people talking on the phone while in a bathroom stall? Yuck.

4. Always cough and sneeze into your elbow, not into your hands. Coughing into your hands and touching a door knob is like coughing into the hands of the next person who touches that same knob. Yuck.

5. As always, follow your doctor’s recommendations. If they suggest you get a flu shot, then do so.

6. If you have any flu symptoms, see a doctor as soon as possible. Wear a protective mask, so you are less likely to spread the airborne illness to someone else.

7. If you are sick, do not go to work until you are no longer contagious. Your workplace will lose more time/money if multiple co-workers are infected, then if one employee misses a couple days. Get the proper doctor’s excuse and counsel. Of course, always call and get permission to stay home before doing so :).

8. Wash the blankets, sheets, pillow cases and clothes of the infected family member.  Sanitize your hands.

9. Do not share drinks. Simple enough.

10. Always remember that younger children and the elderly have a harder time fighting sickness.

11. Disinfect high-touch surfaces in your home, workplace, etc. with Pure Hard Surface™. Ask your workplace, hospital, college, or your children’s school etc to start using Pure Hard Surface™ on high-touch surfaces. SDC is the basis for the EPA registered hard surface disinfectant, PURE Hard Surface. Twenty times faster than the leading disinfectants, PURE Hard Surface is the next generation of microbial control. Advantages of SDC include: Powerful broad spectrum protection as a disinfectant, fungicide and virucide Kills germs in 30 seconds Provides residual protection for 24 hours Effective against resistant bacteria such as MRSA and VRE Lowest toxicity rating available Labeled for use in diverse environments including restaurants, homes, medical facilities, institutions, day care facilities and on children’s toys and play areas

Pure Hard Surface™ contains the first new disinfectant technology in over 30 years!

SDC Destroys Germs

Use as directed.

We no longer carry Pure Hard Surface Disinfectant, but you can buy our hand sanitizer and dispenser here.

There is never a 100% guarantee that you or your family members will not get a cold or the flu, but these steps will help.

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