Nilodor Odor Control and Carpet Care Mobile Apps

 Our NEW Nilodor Apps are informative and useful tools focusing on odor control and carpet care. The APPs contain information and training materials on restroom cleaning/deodorizing procedures, F.A.Q.’s, carpet spotters, dumpster cleaning, graffiti removal, and Market-Specific solutions/product recommendations. There are also built in cost calculators to show you just how much you can save by switching to encapsulating products. The apps also contain tips on carpet maintenance & how to reference guides for bonnet cleaning, extraction cleaning, rotary shampooing, and low moisture cleaning. More content is being added all the time.
The Nilodor Apps are available for Tablets and Phones in the Google Play Store. You can also get the universal version for iOS in the Apple App Store
Below are some screenshots. (OLD VERSION) Find the latest screenshots on the app stores and on our website.
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A Safe and Natural Odor Neutralizer. A Great Replacement to Para Blocks




Odor Fighting Super Sock

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Odor Fighting Super Sock

Odor Fighting Super Sock:



This industrial strength superSOCK deodorizer uses natural ingredients to hold the powerful and effective concentrated deodorizer. Each superSOCK will provide deodorization for up to 60 days. It is specially designed to deodorize odors in sewers, elevator shafts, dumpster areas, garbage collection areas, industrial plants, water treatment facilities or anywhere that strong undesirable odors are present. superSock is worker friendly.

superSock Image

Worker Friendly and Safe

superSock fights odors for up to 60 days, has a unique mesh bag for even distribution of odor counteractant, a convenient mounting loop, an air-controlled odor counteractant and has a 100% organic carrier.


No more harmful Para

More states continue to ban the use of para (Paradichlorobenzene). superSock is a  great alternative to the large para blocks!

superSock works great at eliminating odors in sewers, elevator shafts, dumpster areas, water treatment facilities, garbage collection areas, and in fire restoration.

superSock Deodorizer Image

superSock Deodorizer

Dimensions: 36” L x 3” Dia.

Package: 2 socks per container, 2 containers per case

Coverage Area: 650 sq. feet per sock

Fragrances: OR SOK =  Original, CH SOK = Cherry, CT SOK = Citrus

DIRECTIONS: Unwrap individual superSOCK and hang upright from the looped end of the sock to a centralized location nearest the odor source. Some drippage may occur, so DO NOT hang over painted surfaces or decorative floors. superSOCK will last up to 60 days depending on airflow. superSOCK will help provide a suitable and safer working area. Each odor fighting superSock can cover up to 650 sq ft!


You can also buy superSock Deodorizer by calling us at 1.800.433.4321 or find a distributor Here.


Where to Buy Nilodor Products

Where do I buy Nilodor Pet & Home products?Where do I buy Nilodor Commercial & Janitorial products? Where do I buy Nilodor Environmentally Friendly products? Where do I buy Nilodor Portable Sanitation products?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, then here is your answer. You can always buy from or by calling 1-800-443-4321. If you do not want to buy online or over the phone, you can also search for a distributor on our Website. Nilodor Distributors  Sorry, but we currently do not ship internationally to individuals.

We get a lot of inquiries about where to buy Nilodor in Canada. You may contact us directly at to find a distributor near you.

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