Success Story – Grout HD in Amanda-Clearcreek Local Schools District


Cleaning and maintaining a high image on tile and grout floors throughout the school district. Labor costs were rising and ACLSD was not seeing the desired results.


Mike Wade of Brown Supply in Lima, OH set up a test with Rick Johnson, Building Grounds Supervisor at Amanda Clearcreek High School, to test Nilodor’s Grout HD. After the initial application, the results were immediate. “Best grout cleaner that I have ever used, left a great look when dry.” Rick went on to say, “took me four years to find something to get this floor clean the first time. No slipping on degreaser and no harsh acid chemical smell. Very safe and quick to use.”


ACLSD has begun using Grout HD in their facilities, reducing labor time and costs by more than 50%. They now have achieved their desired results year-round compared to doing all the work over summer break. Rick summed it up saying, “we now have a two man crew complete this large job in one day compared to the two or even three days it took before. Nice to use a good product that works and is safe.”


Thank You, Mike Wade & Brown Supply!

Brown Supply Co., Lima Ohio

Tile & Grout HD Cleaner & Revitalizer

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A Safer and Easy CITRUS Powered All-Purpose Cleaning Solution


OXY-Force Citrus Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Eliminate those unwanted odors & carpet spots and clean with the power of Hydrogen Peroxide and citrus oils. Oxy-Force® Citrus is a safer alternative to harsh cleaners and spotters. Oxy-Force® Citrus will brighten and clean hard surfaces and carpeted areas. Oxy-Force® is also an excellent deodorizer. Oxy-Force® contains 4% Hydrogen Peroxide and citrus oils for a great fragrance.


 Oxy-Force® Citrus DILUTION SYSTEMS 

These wall mounted units attach to a water line giving you the perfect fill every time. Whether filling a quart bottle or mop bucket, set to light, medium, heavy or extra heavy duty to meet your cleaning needs.


Oxy-Force® Citrus – Gallons / 4cs.                 128-OXYOR
PUMP&GO Dispenser
1/4 oz. dilution           128-OXYPUMP
Dilution System
with wire rack                      00376
Dilution System with key lock out                 00378

Oxy-Force® Citrus Dilutions:

>LIGHT DUTY CLEANER– Glass, Mirrors, Stainless Steel, etc.

Add 1/4 oz. of Oxy-Force per quart or 1 oz. per gallon of cold tap water

• Streak-Free Glass, Mirror and Stainless Steel Cleaning

• Light Duty Spray and Wipe Applications

• General Floor Cleaning for Mopping and Automatic Scrubbers

• Bonnet Cleaning Solution for Carpets


>MEDIUM DUTY CLEANER – Mopping, Carpet Spotting, Extraction Cleaning

Add 1/2 oz. of Oxy-Force per quart or 2 oz. per gallon of cold tap water

• Mopping for Restrooms and Heavily Soiled Floors

• Medium Duty Spray and Wipe Applications

• Carpet Spot Remover and Extraction Solution

>HEAVY DUTY CLEANER– Restrooms, Tile, Grout, Degreasing, etc.

Add 3 oz. of Oxy-Force® per quart or 12 oz. per gallon of cold tap water

• Restroom Cleaner – Cleans and Deodorizes Urinals, Toilet Bowls, Counters, Fixtures, Showers, Locker Rooms, Removes Soap Scum

• Tile and Grout Cleaner • General Degreaser

• Garbage Odor Eliminator, Heavy Soil and Wipe-down Cleaner

• Carpet Extraction Pre-spray and Heavy Spot Remover (extract with water)

>EXTRA HEAVY DUTY CLEANER– Tough soil removal and degreasing

Add 20 oz. of Oxy-Force® per gallon of cold tap water

• Heavy Duty Degreasing

• Stubborn Stains

• Difficult Odor Destruction

• Tough Soil and Grime Removal


Oxy-Force® Citrus – Gallons / 4cs.                 128-OXYOR


Oxy-Force® Citrus secondary labels are available upon request

Airofresh PULSE Universal Air Freshening System

See the PULSE: 24/7 Air Freshening

Say hello to our new, sleek, battery-powered air freshening system. The low-profile design, available in black and white, will blend into any facility decor. The blue indicator light pulses when the internal fan is on. The PULSE holds Ultra Solid Airs and ULTRA Air Fresheners and has adjustable trays for multiple refill options. It features an ON/OFF switch and runs on 2 easy-to-replace “C” batteries. 24/7 Air Freshening never looked so good.

White Unit / 6 cs.     03288WHT

Black Unit / 6 cs.      03289BLK

PULSE dimensions:  5-3/4” W x 3-5/8” D x  7-1/2” H


VLOG: Basic Bio-Enzymatics 101

VLOG: Basic Bio-Enzymatics 101 PART 1

Today we will be talking about the products in our Bio-Enzymatic line, and how they can be a perfect solution for your specific application. These products all rely on the power and efficiency of several Bacillus bacterial species. These bacterial species produce enzymes that specifically target organic material in stains and malodors such as fats, proteins, and starches. Several of these products also contain or proprietary odor counteractant, which goes beyond superficially masking the odor. It chemical neutralizes the structures of the malodor itself, therefore eliminating the odor at the source. The first product is our Bio-Enzymatic Urine Digester. This product is a great solution for hard surfaces, restroom care, trap and drain treatments, and carpet care applications. This product was tested by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) and received its seal of approval in categories such as soil removal efficacy and resoiling, therefore setting it above the competition. This also contains 4 bacillus bacterial species that target the organic materials in restroom environments such as proteins, urea, and starches, therefore eliminating the soil and the malodor. The next product is our BioBreak Multi-Purpose Digester. This is a great all-in-one solution for hard surface, carpet care, trap and drain, and restroom applications. This is the first product in its category to be Green Seal Certified, so it is environmentally friendly and readily biodegradable. This product contains 7 bacillus bacterial species which target the specific organic materials in restrooms and carpet care applications. This product is also compatible with a wide variety of carpet care cleaning products on the market now and can be used in pH neutral carpet shampooers and extractors.



VLOG: Basic Bio-Enzymatics 101 PART 2

Today we will be talking about some of the other products in our Bio-Enzymatic line. Our Nilozyme™ Bio-Enzymatic Trap and Drain Treatment also contains seven bacillus bacterial species which target the fats, cellulose, and starches that commonly cause the blockages and build-up in our trap & drain and septic systems. Routine use of this product will also decrease the maintenance associated with trap & drain and septic systems. The next product is our ZymeCLING Multi-Purpose Bio-Enzymatic GEL. This product provides the same power and efficiency of the bacterial species, but at a thicker viscosity. This product relies on four bacillus bacterial species that produce enzymes, specifically targeting the organic material in trap & drain systems, septic systems, piping, soda machines… really anything that needs a certain degree of vertical cling. This can also be used for cleaning urinals and toilet bowls. This is a great all-in-one trap & drain and restroom care product.

Remove Scale, Lime, and Other Mineral Deposits in Dishwashers, Steam Tables, and Food Service Equipment

Lime Scale Remover

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Lime Scale Remover will remove scale, lime, and other mineral deposits associated with hard water in your dishwashers, steam tables and food service equipment.
•Keeps tubing, jets, and hosing free of lime & calcium build-up.
•Works on stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, glass & plastics.
•Excellent cleaner for use on drinking fountains



Turn off automatic detergent dispensers. Remove foreign matter and racks from wash tank and rinse thoroughly. Examine sidewalls of tank for extreme rust. Do not use this product if sidewalls or pipes are rusty.

Drain tank and flush with clean water. Inspect tank to determine if all scale deposits have been removed.

Fill tank with clean water and run machine for 3 minutes, drain tank and repeat rinsing procedure with fresh water again.
Drain tank, fill with fresh water and turn automatic detergent dispenser on. Machine is now ready to use.



Mix 4-6 ounce (118.3-177.5 mL) of this product with 2 gallons (8 L) of hot water and wipe surface with sponge. Rinse surface with potable water and wipe dry.


Apply product, full strength, directly on the steam coils by spray or brush. Permit product to set for 5 minutes and then fill the table tank with hot water. Brush interior of steam table thoroughly, drain and rinse with clean water.

Lime Scale Remover & Descaler is currently available in gallons (Stock# 128 LSR / 4 per case).

As always, please read directions and warnings before using.

pH Range: 2.5-3.5

NEW FURmatalogy™ Remedies™ for Your Precious Pets

We worked with great care to create a wonderful line of Remedies to help bring relief to your precious, furry friends. Read more about these great remedies below.

FURmatology™ Tear Stain Remover

FURmatology Tear Stain Remover

Lavender & Lemongrass TEAR STAIN REMOVER cleans stains, prevents future stains & infections, aromatherapeutic.




Furmatology Remedies™ Tear Stain Remover uses natural oils & extracts to safely remove and prevent topical stains on your pet’s fur around the eyes. Natural surfactants and antimicrobials cleanse stained areas, helps prevent infection and have aromatherapeutic effects. Effective results are sure to enhance & brighten your pet’s eyes. 

FURmatology™ Natural HAIRBALL RELIEF (Discontinued)


Natural HAIRBALL RELIEF™ Catnip Flavored Treat GEL Contains natural oils to reduce hairballs. 100% safe & healthy for all cats. Have a Hairball Dilemma? Don’t let hairballs interfere with your cat’s normal digestion and elimination. Promote a healthy, active lifestyle for your feline friends. Use FURmatology Remedies™ Hairball Relief™ for cats & kittens to naturally aid hairballs to pass safely through the gastrointestinal tract and help prevent future hairballs. Safe for cats of all ages.

FURmatology™ OTIC-CLENZ Natural Ear Rinse

FURmatology OTIC-CLENZ Natural Ear Rinse

OTIC-CLENZ™ Natural Ear Rinse Loosens debris build up, eliminates odors, soothes irritation, relieves itching, prevents infections




Optimize the function of your dog’s delicate & sensitive ears by providing a well-rounded cleaning routine. Furmatology Remedies™ Otic-Clenz™ uses natural oils & extracts to safely remove debris and eliminate odors in your pet’s ears to help prevent infections. Its’ specialized blend & soothing action maintains a healthy moisturized inner ear environment.

Furmatology™ Herbal RESCUE RELIEF Calming Serum

Furmatology Herbal RESCUE RELIEF Calming Serum

Herbal RESCUE RELIEF™ Calming Serum for Anxious Pets •HOMEOPATHIC •ANXIETY •FEARS •TRAVELING •STORMS Rescue your furry friend from the roller coaster of emotions due to the stress of k-9 life they may be feeling. FURmatology Remedies™ Rescue Relief™ is a homeopathic recipe to help safely destress & calm your pet in many situations. Use for separation anxiety, storms, fireworks, loud noises, crowds, crate training, traveling, competitions, adoptions, bath time, grooming, clinic or kennel visits and excessive barking.

FURmatology™ Osteo Relief Hip and Joint

FURmatology Osteo Relief Hip and Joint
Osteo Relief HIP & JOINT DISCOMFORT Bacon & Cheese Flavored Food Additive & Treat GEL Promotes Healthy Joint Function. Reduces Pain & Inflammation. Improves Mobility & Flexibility. Prevents further degeneration of joints. Osteo Relief™ Treat Gel is specifically designed to REVERSE the effects of joint damage. Its’ nourishing effects improve your dog’s FLEXIBILITY & MOBILITY for an active lifestyle. This natural supplement contains natural extracts for extra strength pain relief for dogs already suffering from hip or joint pain. It not only restores your dog’s natural ability to heal and grow new cartilage, it boosts their whole immune system to inhibit tumor cell DNA replication, regress tumors and prevent cancer cells!


Click the product images right now to start your pets on a path to a better life. Click Here for all our FURmatology Remedies. Your pets will thank you in their own special way.


ULTRA SOLID AIR Refills Replace and Outperform Competitor Products

NEW ULTRA SOLID AIR Refills: The NEW & Improved Pearl Gel Replacement

SOLID AIR will be replacing our Pearl Gels, and giving you 25-35% more fragrance. That’s more fragrance than our Pearls and other competing gel products currently on the market.

SOLID AIR will freshen any space for a full 30 days. Use it in restrooms, lobbies, conference rooms, or anywhere needing a boost of fragrance.


•Environmentally safe

•No breaking or spilling.

•100% Recyclable.

ULTRA SOLID AIR Fits a wide variety of dispensers and fan cabinets such as Big D®, Contico®, Hospeco®, GA Pacific®, F-Matic®, Fresh®, Rubbermaid TC® & Time Mist®.


Apple Spice
ULTRA SOLID AIR Apple Spice Deodorizing RefillUSA-AS
CherryULTRA SOLID AIR Cherry Deodorizing RefillUSA-C
Cucumber MelonULTRA SOLID AIR Cucumber Melon Deodorizing RefillUSA-CM TangerineULTRA SOLID AIR Tangerine Deodorizing RefillUSA-TG
Red Clover TeaULTRA SOLID AIR Red Clover Tea Deodorizing RefillUSA-RC Tango MangoULTRA SOLID AIR Tango Mango Deodorizing RefillUSA-TG

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SOLID AIR is a great addition to our  Single Scent Solution              Nilodor's Single Scent Solution