Nilodor’s Private Label Program

Nilodor’s Private Label Program:


The best private label program

Private Label These Products and So Much More!

Not all private branding companies are the same. We guarantee you will not sacrifice quality when Nilodor puts your name on the bottle.

Is it Difficult to Get Started?
No, with Nilodor’s in-house creative team all you really need is the product you would like to private label, product name, colors and a scannable logo… we will do the rest. We will supply you with a paper proof for your final approval. Within 10 business days of final art approval, your customized products will be on your docks.

What Are The Minimums?
For most products, an initial opening order of 25 cases per product/fragrance and a minimum reorder of 15 cases is all you need.

What Can I Private Label?
All products in our full line brochure can be custom branded. Including registered GREEN products. We also private label our pet and home products.

Commercial Carpet Care and Odor Control Products

Private labeling of Nilodor's products

Pet and Home Products Catalog

Shampoos & Grooming

Browse through our website to see if there are any products that you would like to private label.

Silk Screen Or Paper?
With our in-house graphics and printing team, you have the option of silk screening (up to 3 colors) or developing a pressure sensitive label on a white or natural style bottle.

Can I Custom Blend?
Yes, our technical department can help you custom blend any product and fragrance to fit your needs.

Am I Getting The Same Product As A National Brand?
Yes, you will be getting the same quality products as our nationally branded items.

Can I Put My Customer’s Name On Products?
Yes, we currently private label for schools, airports, healthcare, etc. Custom branding your customer’s name or logo will make you stand out from your competition.

So Is It Time?
Call Nilodor today (800-443-4321) or ask your manufacturer’s representative for more details.


A GREEN All-Purpose Deodorizer

OdorBREAK™ All-Purpose Deodorizer:

OdorBREAK™ All-Purpose Deodorizer

OdorBREAK™ All-Purpose Deodorizer




OdorBREAK™ is a concentrated multi-purpose deodorizer with a GREEN formulation, designed to eliminate odors at their source. Great for cleaning and deodorizing a wide variety of surfaces, including hard surfaces and carpeted. May be used in combination with cleaners, disinfectants and carpet cleaning chemicals.

Green Odor Neutralizer in Mop Solution

Mop and Mop Bucket in Bathroom




MOPPING OR CLEANING: Add 2-3 oz. (60-89 mL) of SBN Deodorizer per gallon (3.78 L) of cleaner/disinfectant solution. Severe malodors may require more.

AIR FRESHENER: Add 3-4 oz. (89-118.2 mL) of SBN Deodorizer with water per quart (liter) spray bottle.

CARPET CARE: Pretest for color fastness: Add 1 oz. (30 mL) of SBN Deodorizer to one gallon (3.78 L) of carpet cleaning solution. Compatible with all water soluble carpet chemicals…including fifth generation cleaners.

OdorBREAK™ All-Purpose Deodorizer
Quarts Fresh Scent 12/cs. 32SBN WSBB
Gallons Fresh Scent 4/cs. 128SBN WSSBB

OdorBREAK™ can be purchased HERE or from one of our distributors.

Odor block™Air Freshener

Odor block™Air Freshener:

Odor block™Air Freshener

Click the Image to GET Odor block™Air Freshener NOW

Convenient natural wick odor counteractant. Odor Block will quickly suppress odors in virtually any location.This product will dispense more rapidly as temperature rises or when airflow increases across the surface of the block.

Remove odor from fire and smoke damage

Building with fire and smoke damage

Remove odor from flood damage

Flooded Houses

Remove odor from fire and smoke damage

Fire and Smoke Damage

Available in a wide variety of pleasant scents, the natural wicking block starts dispensing when the sealed package is opened.

Odor Blocks are useful in suppressing odors in:

  • Automobiles
  • Duct system registers
  • Furnace plenums
  • Intakes of carpet dryers
  • Small rooms and closets
  • Fires Damage
  • Smoke odors
  • Cooking


Remove the Odor Block for the wrapper and strategically place the Odor Block in the area to be cleaned or treated. To control the amount of deodorant emitted by the block and also to extend the life of the block, try these tips:

  • Snip off a corner of the package. Later, when the scent is reduced,  cut off a larger portion of the package. Wrap a rubber band around the package to make sure the block doesn’t fall out.
  • Poke a few holes in the package to control the release of scent.

When the scent is reduced, poke a few more holes in the package. Airflow and temperature also influence the amount of scent released. If the deodorizing scent becomes too strong, reposition the block in an area of lower air flow or lower temperature or remove the block.

Fragrance/ Stock #:

  • Original          /       OR-ODORBLOCK
  • Cherry           /        CH-ODORBLOCK
  • Citrus             /        CT-ODORBLOCK

Nilodor Blocks can also be purchased from one of our distributors.

Note: Because the deodorizer has oily components, be sure to use the block only in areas where contact with an oil will not cause damage. The oil might soften or discolor certain paints. CAUTIONS: Avoid varnished, painted or plastic surfaces. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN! AVOID OPEN FLAME!

Nilodor Odor Control and Carpet Care Mobile Apps

 Our NEW Nilodor Apps are informative and useful tools focusing on odor control and carpet care. The APPs contain information and training materials on restroom cleaning/deodorizing procedures, F.A.Q.’s, carpet spotters, dumpster cleaning, graffiti removal, and Market-Specific solutions/product recommendations. There are also built in cost calculators to show you just how much you can save by switching to encapsulating products. The apps also contain tips on carpet maintenance & how to reference guides for bonnet cleaning, extraction cleaning, rotary shampooing, and low moisture cleaning. More content is being added all the time.
The Nilodor Apps are available for Tablets and Phones in the Google Play Store. You can also get the universal version for iOS in the Apple App Store
Below are some screenshots. (OLD VERSION) Find the latest screenshots on the app stores and on our website.

A Concentrated Water Soluble Odor Neutralizer

Nilium Water Soluble Deodorizer:

Nilium Water Soluble Deodorizer

Choose  Nilium to enhance your cleaning efforts. Simply mix one ounce of Nilium into your regular cleaning solution to deodorize every time you clean.   Nilium can be used in conjunction with cleaners, disinfectants, insecticides…anything water soluble. It can be used daily to counteract odors every time you clean. Applications for Nilium are practically UNLIMITED!

It is very effective when used in: mop water, rinse water, carpet extractors, carpet shampooers, floor scrubbers, chemical foggers, peripheral spray devices, trigger sprayers, etc.


Add one ounce of Nilium per gallon of cleaner/disinfectant solution. Severe malodors may require more.


Add 1-2 ounces of Nilium with water per quart spray bottle.


Pretest for color fastness:  Add 1/2 ounce of Nilium to one gallon of carpet cleaning solution.  Compatible with all water soluble carpet chemicals…including fifth generation cleaners.

NILIUM™ Super N Broad Spectrum Water-Soluble Deodorizer:

Nilium is the most effective water-soluble odor counteractant available. Nilium will neutralize malodors instead of simply masking them. Most other deodorants contain perfumes which merely cover up or provide a fragrance for a very short time. Nilium will provide immediate relief from the malodor leaving a pleasing fragrance, while Super N Concentrate works to physically neutralize the malodor. One application of Nilium will counteract odors up to 24 hours.

Go to our website to see our latest fragrance offerings.

Suggested Uses and Directions:

  • Automobiles: Dilute Nilium to 1-2 oz. per qt. and spray dilution to eliminate smoke odors, pet odors, etc in Automobiles.
  • Carpet: To eliminate smoke, mildew, and pet odors, add 1/2 oz. concentrate to 1 gal. extraction or shampoo solution. Inject undiluted directly into matting for hidden odors.
  • Clean-up: Dilute Nilium to 1 oz. per gal. and use in conjunction with cleaners or disinfectants to neutralize inherent chemical odor.
  • Floor Care: Dilute Nilium to 1 oz. per gal. and add to mop water. Nilium is great for eliminating odors absorbed into porous surfaces; i.e., concrete, grout, wood, etc.
  • Fire: Dilute Nilium to 1 – 2 oz. per gal. and spray on any water-safe surfaces where smoke odor might linger to eliminate the smoke odor from fire damage.
  • Garbage: Dilute Nilium to 4 – 6 oz. per gal. and pour or spray dilution down garbage chute or into dumpster or trash compactor to eliminate the odors.
Use Nilium to Deodorize Dumpsters


  • Insecticides Odor: Dilute Nilium to 2 – 4 oz. per gal and add to water-based insecticides to eliminate their inherent odor.
  • Kitchen: Dilute Nilium to 1 oz. per gal and add to mop water or cleaner. Pour in garbage disposals to eliminate odor and help cleanse.

Use Nilium to deodorize kitchen floors and garbage disposals

  • Paint: Dilute Nilium to 1 – 2 oz. per gal. and add to latex paint to eliminate odors during application.
  • Pet: Dilute Nilium to 1 – 2 oz. per gal. and spray dilution in kennels/pens. Use in conjunction with bleach to eliminate inherent odor.
  • Public Transport: Dilute Nilium to 1 oz. per gal. and add to cleaner for clean-up and maintenance.
  • Restroom: Dilute Nilium to 1 oz. per gal and use in conjunction with disinfectants/cleaners oras spray dilution. Nilium is great for mop water and drains.
Nilium is great for eliminating odors in restrooms

Mop bucket in restroom

  • Room Odors: Dilute Nilium to 1 – 2 oz. per qt. and spray for room deodorization.
  • Sewer: Dilute Nilium to 1 -2 oz. per gal. and spray dilution over problem areas during peak periods of water treatment.
  • Sickrooms: Dilute Nilium to 1 oz. per gal. and use in conjunction with cleaner/disinfectant to neutralize odor on contact.


Nilium can also be purchased through a distributor, or by calling 1.800.443.4321.


Gone For Good Deodorizer

Certified® Gone For Good Deodorizer:

Certified Gone For Good Deodorizer GFG!!!

Certified Gone For Good Deodorizer


Certified®  GFG!! is a scientifically formulated deodorizer that will destroy odors caused by smoke, sewage, organic decay, spoilage, sulfide malodors, plumbing odors and is especially effective on urine odor in carpet.

GFG!! is used when nothing else is going to do the job. GFG!! is used for the very worst malodor problems. Residual action is long lasting.

Ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Lobby Area

GFG!! is totally safe to use. It is non-toxic, non-cationic, non-flammable, non-allergenic and non-corrosive. Masks and/or respirators are not necessary, but it’s always a good idea to take safety precautions.

Certified GFG!! may be applied to any candidate surface or environment in a sprayer/fogger. Use GFG!! to deodorize carpets, floors, walls, ceilings and fabrics and wherever environmental contaminants create malodor problems.


Shake well before using. Test fabric in inconspicuous place for color fastness before using.

ULV fogger or sprayer applications:

Use Certified GFG!! full strength in fogger or sprayer applications.



Humidifiers & Vaporizers:

For humidifiers and vaporizers add 3 ounces (85 mL) of GFG!! to each gallon (3.78 L) of water to clear the air of unwanted odor.

In mopping, wiping solutions:

For mopping and wiping solutions add 6 ounces (170 mL) to each gallon of water or cleaning solution.

Plumbing odors:

To eliminate plumbing odors pour 6 ounces (170 mL) of GFG!! down any foul smelling drain.

Area deodorizing using sprayer:

Dilute 1 part GFG!! to 3 parts water

Urine odors in carpets:

To remove urine odors from carpet, inject GFG!! full strength into carpet backing and pad. Clean carpet in normal manner, then mix GFG!! 50-50 with water and spray on the affected area. Results may not be noticeable for 24-36 hours.

NOTE: Cannot be added to carpet cleaning detergents.

Certified Gone For Good can be purchased here, through a distributor, or by calling 1.800.443.4321

CERTIFIED’s® ODOR-BANE™ Water Soluble Odor Counteractant


Certified Odor-Bane Water Soluble Counteractant Image

Click image to GET CERTIFIED’s® ODOR-BANE™ Water Soluble Odor Counteractant NOW

Odor-Bane™ is a professional product that will effectively deodorize and neutralize malodors caused by smoke, vomit, urine, flood waters, etc. Odor-Bane™ leaves a lingering and pleasantly fresh fragrance. OdorBane™ is exceptionally economical and safe to use by professional cleaners, disaster contractors and in-house maintenance personnel. For more than 35 years, Odor-Bane™ has been the choice of anyone who has to deodorize houses, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc. OdorBane™ is also an important part of Certified’s® disaster restoration product line.

Mop Bucket and Urinal Image

Mop Bucket and Urinal


Shake well before using. Test fabric in inconspicuous place for colorfastness before using.

1. For carpet and upholstery, add 1 ounce of Odor-Bane™ to 1 gallon of water.

2. As a space deodorant, add 1-2 ounces of Odor-Bane™ to a quart of water. May be fogged or sprayed. Avoid excessive breathing of spray mist. Eye protection and a mist filter mask should be used for large-scale spraying or fogging.


Click the image to GET the FOGMASTER jr NOW

3. When used during cleaning, add 1/2 to 1 ounce of Odor-Bane™ to each gallon of stock solution. Odor-Bane™is compatible with all shampoos and extraction cleaners.

You can also purchase Odor-Bane Water Soluble Odor Counteractant through a Nilodor Distributor, or by calling 1.800.443.4321. If you are an individual who wants to use a comparable product that can be bought individually, then click Here.