Skunked Central

Has your dog or cat had a close encounter of the stinky kind?

Whenever skunk season comes along, a pet’s curiosity can get the best of them, and ultimately, end with your furry friend getting skunked. Not only does your pet suffer from the stench, but also your whole house and family. Nilodor, Inc. has multiple solutions for ridding your pet and house entirely of the awful stench.

How to remove skunk odors easily

The easiest way to get rid of skunk odors is to use our Natural Touch® SKUNKED?™ products. These specialized formulas are available to neutralize odors on pets coat, clothing, bedding, furniture, car interiors, and much more!


Were you charmed by Pepe’ Le Pew? You don’t have to hold your breath for long. Bathe in our special patented formula to get the stench out. Both cats and dogs alike will be thankful.

Natural Touch® SKUNKED?™ Deodorizing Pet Shampoo is formulated to neutralize and totally remove all odors from your pet’s fur and skin. It combines very mild, non-irritating detergents with the power of nature’s essential oils to wash and neutralize foul odors. This formula is recommended by groomers, veterinarians, and people with pets that were sprayed by skunks or rolled in something unfavorable.

Deodorizing Pet Shampoo Image

SKUNKED?™ Deodorizing Pet Shampoo – Click Image to Buy  

This formula provides a rich, lathering, deodorizing and cleaning action. Nilodor Deodorizing Pet Shampoo for dogs and cats cleans thoroughly and is easy to rinse, leaving the pet’s coat with a natural healthy sheen and a pleasant refreshing fragrance.

Available in:

16 oz. – #816 SHP

Gallon – #830 SHP

Customer Review
Deodorizing Pet Shampoo
on 04/06/2012 by Susan

We have lived in the country for 20 years and have always had dogs….dogs that like going after skunks and, hence, getting sprayed! The only thing that ever worked on the odor was Nil-Odor. Our kids grew up thinking that Nil Odor was the skunk smell and didn’t understand why we didn’t like it! We still have a dog, skunks and now cat spraying issues. We couldn’t find any Nil Odor until last week! It seems new and improved, more of a lemony scent but works JUST AS WELL, if not better. We are selling our home and have FINALLY got the stale cat smell under control. We cannot thank you enough!!!!! I have recommended it to all friends who have skunk / dog issues.


Amy B H.

“I love this product! Only thing I’ve seen that works on skunk odor, and even after the dog gets wet again, the smell doesn’t come back!”


SKUNKED?™ Cream Rinse provides extra strength deodorizing action and restores the healthy oils that have been stripped from your pet’s coat leaving a soft, silky skunky free coat. Use immediately after bathing in Skunked Shampoo.

Skunked Cream Rinse

SKUNKED?™ Deodorizing Cream Rinse – Click Image to Buy

Available in:

16 oz. – #05007


SKUNKED?™ Laundry Additive’s extra strength formula completely removes strong odors caused by skunks. Over 70 essential oils combine together to naturally neutralize odors in clothing, bedding, blankets, etc.

Skunked Laundry Additive

SKUNKED?™ Laundry Additive – Click Image to Buy

Available in:

16 oz. – #05006


SKUNKED?™ Skunked Spray is a proprietary formula designed to completely give you immediate odor relief. Over 70 naturally essential oils are combined to neutralize the worst of odors, even skunk. Safe to use directly on pets and water safe materials.

Skunked Deodorizing Spray

SKUNKED?™ Deodorizing Spray- Click Image to Buy

Available in:

32oz. – #05008


Click the links above to buy each individual product or call 1.800.443.4321


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