The ULTIMATE Multi-Purpose Carpet Spotter


the MAXX Multi-Purpose Carpet Spotter

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the MAXX Multi-Purpose Spotter is an advanced fiber safe formula that performs unbelievably on tough stains and odors. Use on carpets, upholstery, clothes, reappearing stains, walls, countertops, and floors.

•Kool-Aid®         •Food Spills            •Coffee/Tea
•Grime                •Vomit                    •Blood
•Grease              •Grass Stains          •Pet Stains
•Cola                  •Berry Stains           •And much more

the MAXX is Easy and Ready to Use!

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well before using. Apply a small amount of product to an inconspicuous area. If surface discolors or fades do not use.


  1.  Spray stained area thoroughly with the MAXX, wait one minute.
  2.  Agitate or work in with a carpet bone or spatula.
  3.  Blot or gently rub the area with a clean, absorbent cloth.
  4.  Repeat until stain is removed.
  5.  Blot any excess moisture.

FOR REAPPEARING STAINS: Repeat Steps 1-3; then place a clean, white cloth over the treated area, followed by placing a weighted object on the towel. Wait until the towel absorbs excess stain residue and moisture that wicks to the top.

Remove stains promptly after they occur and avoid over-wetting of carpets or fiber surfaces.


Quarts – 6/cs. C515-009    and    Gallons – 4/cs. C515-005

R-T-U pH 7-8




It was amazing!
on 05/10/2012 by David
I just wanted to send you a quick note on the performance and quality of product your group is putting out in the market.  I talked with Kelly this week about an issue I was having with the seats in my new Ford Taurus.   They are a very light tan colored seat and seem to show every possible mark or stain possible.  Recently I have been making lunch deliveries to several of my customers, much of which is pizza.  In doing so, I have gained many new and unwanted stains from grease, water marks, ect.  I was at the point that it was becoming increasingly embarrassing to pick up other customers and have them ride in my car. 

 Prior to talking with Kelly this week, I had inquired about having the seats professionally detailed to remove the spots.  The cost ranged from $75 -$150 dollars!!!  She then turned me onto your MAXX Product.  I took the sample, sprayed it lightly on my seats, gently brushed the areas, and let it dry….GONE!!  It was amazing.  I actually did the front passenger seat prior to leaving yesterday morning and drove to Pittsburgh following the application.  I literally sat there and watched the stains disappear! (of course all the while remaining safe in my driving practices.)  It was amazing!  My seats look brand new. 

 I can’t thank you enough for the suggestion and the quality of product you guys provide!  You literally saved me the possibility of having to spend hundreds of dollars!  I would recommend this product to anyone who has the same issues I have been having.  Thanks again and keep up the great work!!



the MAXX Multi-Purpose Carpet Spotter

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