Success Story – Grout HD in Amanda-Clearcreek Local Schools District


Cleaning and maintaining a high image on tile and grout floors throughout the school district. Labor costs were rising and ACLSD was not seeing the desired results.


Mike Wade of Brown Supply in Lima, OH set up a test with Rick Johnson, Building Grounds Supervisor at Amanda Clearcreek High School, to test Nilodor’s Grout HD. After the initial application, the results were immediate. “Best grout cleaner that I have ever used, left a great look when dry.” Rick went on to say, “took me four years to find something to get this floor clean the first time. No slipping on degreaser and no harsh acid chemical smell. Very safe and quick to use.”


ACLSD has begun using Grout HD in their facilities, reducing labor time and costs by more than 50%. They now have achieved their desired results year-round compared to doing all the work over summer break. Rick summed it up saying, “we now have a two man crew complete this large job in one day compared to the two or even three days it took before. Nice to use a good product that works and is safe.”


Thank You, Mike Wade & Brown Supply!

Brown Supply Co., Lima Ohio

Tile & Grout HD Cleaner & Revitalizer

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Fast Emulsifying Power to Remove Food Build-Up and Cut Grease

Scrub N Suds Manual Dishwashing Liquid

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SCRUB N SUDS Manual Dishwashing Liquid:

SCRUB n SUDS Liquid is a concentrated,viscous all-purpose detergent. Fast grease-cutting action and lasting suds are ideal for cleaning dried-on-food, and other hard to remove substances from pots, pans, dishes, glassware, and silverware.

SCRUB n SUDS Liquid is effective in hard or soft water. Leaves glassware crystal clean, without film or water spotting.


DIRECTIONS: Remove food and food buildup from plates, pots, pans, silverware, etc. prior to washing.

For normal dishwashing, pour 1 ounce of SCRUB n SUDS Liquid into sink of hot running water. Stir briskly. Begin by washing glassware, then flatware, dishes, and finally pots and pans. For heavier encrusted pans, let soak for 5 minutes, use a brush for agitation of encrusted soils. Rinse thoroughly with hot water.

•Mild / Low-Irritation

•Cocamide DEA/MEA FREE

•Phosphate FREE

•Formaldehyde FREE

•Paraben FREE

•California Prop. 65 Compliant

•Biodegradable and/or Naturally-Derived Detergents

SCRUB n SUDS is currently available in gallons (Stock# 128 SSDL / 4 per case) and 5 gallons (Stock# 130 SSDL / 1 Each).

As always, please read directions and warnings before using.

pH Range: 6.5-7.5

Remove Carbonized Fat and Heavy Grease for Kitchen Hood Systems

Hood Cleaner

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HOOD Cleaner is fast acting heavy duty cleaner, used to clean the interior of commercial kitchen exhaust hood systems. Effectively removes carbonized fats and heavy grease.



Remove all excess food and grease build.

Spray from the top of the hood unit to the bottom.

Spray the heavy soiled area and allow  HOOD Cleaner to penetrate for 5 minutes. The cleaner goes to work immediately and quickly breaks the bond between soil and surface allowing for easy rinsing. And wipe off with a rag or towel.

Rinse with portable water and let dry.

Protective gear including eye protection and rubber gloves, should be worn during cleaning.

HOOD Cleaner can be used as a RTU or diluted 16 oz. per gallon depending on build-up.

Hood Cleaner is currently available in quarts (Stock# 32 HC / 6 per case) and gallons (Stock# 128 HC / 4 per case).

As always, please read directions and warnings before using.

pH Range: 8.5-9.5

The ULTIMATE Way to Degrease Floors, Walls, and Vent Hoods

Ultimate Degreaser

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ULTIMATE Degreaser is a multi-purpose, non-butyl cleaner and degreaser is designed to tackle tough cleaning and degreasing jobs. Effectively removes dirt, grease, animal fat and protein build-up in food processing plants and food establishments. For use on most surfaces. Can also be safely used on plastics, rubber, aluminum, stainless steel, walls, and floors.

May be applied by mopping, spraying, auto scrubbing, immersion, pressure washing, etc.

DIRECTIONS: FLOORS, WALLS, GENERAL MAINTENANCE: LIGHT SOIL: Dilute 4 oz. (120 mL) to 1 gallon (3.785 L) (1:32) of water. MEDIUM SOIL: Dilute 13 oz. (390 mL) to 1 gallon (3.785 L) (1:10) of water. HEAVY SOIL: Dilute 26 oz. (780 mL) to 1 gallon (3.785 L) (1:5) of water.

degrease-and-clean-bar-floorsThe best way to degrease kitchen floors.png

ULTIMATE Degreaser is currently available in gallons. Stock# 128 UD / 4 per case

As always, please read directions and warnings before using.

pH Range: 8.5-9.5

Finally An Environmentally Friendly Way to Revitalize Tile and Grout

Tile & Grout HD Cleaner & Revitalizer

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Grout HD penetrates and quickly removes ground in grime from tile, grout lines, and natural stone, leaving behind a bright and revitalized surface. Grout HD utilizes cutting edge technology to provide a product free of harsh chemicals like strong acids and caustic soda, allowing it to be safe on skin and the environment.

Effective on •Dirt •Grease •Wax •Mildew •Soap Scum

Kitchen Tile Floor


Dilutes with water. Apply with a mop or sprayer. Let stand for 10 minutes and agitate with a brush. Rinse with clean water.

MEDIUM SOIL: Add 8-10 fl. oz. (237-296 mL) of Grout HD to 1 gallon (3.785 L) of water.

HEAVY SOIL: Add 16 fl. oz. (473 mL) of Grout HD to 1 gallon (3.785 L) of water.

SHOCK TREATMENT: Add 32 fl. oz. (946 mL) of Grout HD to 1 gallon (3.785 L) of water.

MARBLE AND SOFT STONE: Add 2 fl. oz. (59.14 mL) of Grout HD to 1 gallon (3.785 L) of water.

NOTE: Using Grout HD at a stronger dilution is not recommended, may cause etching.

Grout HD Cleaner & Revitalizer:

An inhibited hydrochloric acid works synergistically with degreasing surfactants to lift and remove ground in soils. Grout HD contains a pair of heavy duty degreasing surfactants that work together with an inhibited hydrochloric acid to rejuvenate tile to its original appearance. The two surfactants work together to provide fast penetration and removal of heavy oil, grease, wax and particulate soils from grout.

•Also effective on glass, concrete, marble, and other hard surfaces.

•Can use at a lower dilution than common hard surface cleaners

•Safe and User Friendly


Test results from Grout HD Cleaner & Revitalizer

A – Grout before Grout HD treatment

B- 5 minute dwell time with Grout HD after agitation

C- 10 minute dwell time with Grout HD after agitation

D- 15 minute dwell time with Grout HD after agitation

Gallons – 128 GCB / 4 per case Diluted pH – 1 – 1.5

Watch the brand new videos below :

Finally get rid of that embarrassing, dirty looking grout by clicking the link below right now and ordering Grout HD.

Nilodor’s Private Label Program

Nilodor’s Private Label Program:


The best private label program

Private Label These Products and So Much More!

Not all private branding companies are the same. We guarantee you will not sacrifice quality when Nilodor puts your name on the bottle.

Is it Difficult to Get Started?
No, with Nilodor’s in-house creative team all you really need is the product you would like to private label, product name, colors and a scannable logo… we will do the rest. We will supply you with a paper proof for your final approval. Within 10 business days of final art approval, your customized products will be on your docks.

What Are The Minimums?
For most products, an initial opening order of 25 cases per product/fragrance and a minimum reorder of 15 cases is all you need.

What Can I Private Label?
All products in our full line brochure can be custom branded. Including registered GREEN products. We also private label our pet and home products.

Commercial Carpet Care and Odor Control Products

Private labeling of Nilodor's products

Pet and Home Products Catalog

Shampoos & Grooming

Browse through our website to see if there are any products that you would like to private label.

Silk Screen Or Paper?
With our in-house graphics and printing team, you have the option of silk screening (up to 3 colors) or developing a pressure sensitive label on a white or natural style bottle.

Can I Custom Blend?
Yes, our technical department can help you custom blend any product and fragrance to fit your needs.

Am I Getting The Same Product As A National Brand?
Yes, you will be getting the same quality products as our nationally branded items.

Can I Put My Customer’s Name On Products?
Yes, we currently private label for schools, airports, healthcare, etc. Custom branding your customer’s name or logo will make you stand out from your competition.

So Is It Time?
Call Nilodor today (800-443-4321) or ask your manufacturer’s representative for more details.

Make Those Sticky, Gooey Stains VANISH!

GOO-dini™  Spot Remover:

GOO-dini Spot Remover

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GOO-dini™ is a ready to use water based goo and adhesive remover. Safely removes petroleum-based spots quickly and easily. Formulated to work on carpet, fabric, and furniture. Non-toxic and biodegradable, with no harsh fumes.

Great For Removing:
•Chewing Gum •Crayon Marks •Bumper Stickers •Grease •Lipstick •Tree Sap •Adhesive Residue •Motor Oil •Decals •Candle Wax •Cooking Oil •And much more

Shake well before using. Apply a small amount of product to an inconspicuous area before use. If surface dulls, discolors, fades or fiber color transfers to a white cloth, do not use. Do not use on styrene plastics. Test all plastics before using.

For Chewing Gum, Tape & Stickers:
1. Spray around edges, wait one minute.
2. Use a flat edged tool to help peel off excess.
Repeat if necessary.
For Carpets, Upholstery, Clothes:
1. Spray stained area thoroughly, wait one minute.
2. Agitate or work in with a carpet bone or spatula.
3. Blot or gently rub the area with a clean, absorbent cloth.
4. Repeat until stain/residue is removed. Blot any excess
moisture. The product dries quickly.

For Walls, Countertops, Floors & Tile:
1. Spray stain thoroughly, wait one minute.
2. Wipe with clean cloth or rinse off.
Repeat if necessary.

Quart – 6/cs.    C516-009


GOO-dini™ Spot Remover can also be purchased through a Nilodor Distributor or by calling us at 1.800.443.4321